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Email Newsletters

Old fashioned email still provides the most consistent customer engagement, as long as you don't abuse your access to the inbox.

Screens & Screens is here to help you navigate the email newsletter process and the analysis of the data which follows each campaign sent.

Email Newsletter Options

  • Oversee All Stages Of Each Newsletter Campaign
  • Design Custom Newsletter Template Or Use Current Template 
    • Newsletter Platforms: Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Tiny Letter
  • Suggest and Create Newsletter Content Or Utilize Provided Content
  • Implement Email Newsletter Signup Form Across All Pages and Accounts
  • Check and Update Formatting For Sign Up Pages and Emails
  • Provide Newsletter Feedback Reports
  • Create Campaign To Increase Subscribers

Have you started an email newsletter, only to realize it is a daunting task to complete? Please drop us a line regarding any of the above or other items specific to your project. Thanks and talk to you soon.

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