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Customer Service

The customer is always right, unless, well... the customer is still right and loves to comment online about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Stay ahead of online inquiries / comments and attract new customers with quick replies. Our years of customer service experience will adapt easily to your company protocols and best practices.

Customer Service Options

  • Reply To Social Media Direct Messages
  • Reply To Social Media Comments
  • Reply To All Business Ratings
    • Sharing Favorable Reviews As Appropriate 
    • Publicly Acknowledging Unfavorable Ratings
  • Reply To Email Inquiries
  • Monitor Business Listings
    • Search Engines
    • Maps
    • Review Sites
  • Industry Specific Sites

Customer Service is a thankless yet essential task for any business. Please drop us a line regarding any of the above or other items specific to your project. Thanks and talk to you soon.

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